Twenty3 is the design studio created by Dani DiPirro, founder of Focusing on branding, logo design, e-book creation, book cover design, and illustration, this one-woman studio strives to create inspired, empowering design for both personal and professional needs. Twenty3’s mission is to help individuals and businesses create optimistic designs that convey their unique ideas and messages. Whether you’re looking for custom illustration or you’re in need of a full refresh for your brand, Twenty3 is here to help create inspiring, bold, modern design for you or your business. The services offered by Twenty3 are listed in detail below. Looking for a quote or need more info? Contact Dani here. Want to see some more samples of her designs? Check out her Portfolio.



Dani has an innovative and optimistic take on logo design and branding, working closely with each client to understand the unique needs of their business, brand, and products or services. When working with clients to help build or refresh a brand, Dani strives to create exciting designs that will inspire clients for years to come. She will work with you to create everything from a simple logo to an entire branding package. For branding and logo design samples, visit the Twenty3 Portfolio.



After studying illustrating techniques for years via Nicole’s Classes, Dani has begun to master the art of using whimsical, inspiring illustrations and patterns to capture color and shape in fun, unique ways. Dani is available for work on custom illustrations, pattern creation, and to design products, such as those seen on her Society 6 shop. Sample illustrations and patterns can also be seen in her Portfolio.



Dani has a passion for designing invitations and greeting cards. For years she has been designing her own holiday and greeting cards, using illustrations and typography to create uniquely tailored designs that inspire and excite. Whether you’re looking for a single greeting card to convey your unique message or planning an event in need of eye-catching invitations, Dani is available to create designs to meet your specific needs. For samples of invitations and cards, visit the Twenty3 Portfolio.



Dani has used her design skills to create the book cover design for her books and e-books and is ready to help you create your own inspiring, noteworthy book design. Dani knows you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but she also knows just how important a book’s cover can be for drawing in readers. Dani can help you create a cover for your book that will encourage potential readers to take notice and pick up a copy of your book. Samples of book covers designed by Dani can be seen in  the Twenty3 Portfolio.



For years Dani has been creating her own e-books and worksheets featuring inspiration and motivation for those seeking to live a positive and present life. Now she’s ready to help you take your content to the next level with design that inspires and empowers. She’ll even help you with the writing and editing (using that English degree she got in college!) so you can create the absolute best product possible. For e-book and worksheet samples, visit the Twenty3 Portfolio.



Think the Twenty3 style is just what you’re looking for? Contact Dani for a quote using the form below. Have a few questions or need some more information? Reach out to Dani using the form below and she’ll get back to you promptly with answers and info.

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