“Happiness is available to us right now, and Positively Present helps us shift our thinking and awareness to access it. I’m a huge fan of this uplifting site, and its inspiring founder, Dani!”

Lori Deschene  |  Tiny Buddha


“When I first set out to live a happier life, I had no idea where to start. I’d spent my life living in victim-mode, and I was ready to turn things around. That’s when I found Dani’s words inspired me to live happily ever after every day, and discovering her blog started a snowball effect of positivity in my life that brought me to where I am today; happy, healthy, and living my dreams. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her light with the world.”

Jen Saunders  |  Wild Sister


“I’m a fan of the site Lots of great material there. So many of the things she writes about are the things that interest me.”

Gretchen Rubin  |  The Happiness Project


“Don’t you love when awesome people create just the thing you’ve been waiting for? I was stoked when I heard Dani from Positively Present had released a shiny new offering, Stay Positive, a beautiful book loaded with every day reminders and musings for magical living.  All 365 days of the year are covered and it’s broken up into monthly themes including Relationships, Self-Love, Motivation (and more). This generous, uplifting offering has certainly brought me joy, and I know I’ll be referring back to it many a time.

Rachel MacDonald  |  In Spaces Between


“Now is all we have, and Dani writes to support the idea that life is best lived if it’s lived right now with a positive attitude. What I think you’ll like about Dani’s approach is that it’s down to Earth and born from experience. She has made the shift from the idea of ‘living happily ever after, off in the future,’ to ‘living happily ever after, now.’ Her story is a story of personal transformation. “

JD Meier  |  Sources of Insight


“Dani DiPirro has one of the top positive thinking blogs on the planet. Her ideas are original, fresh and thoughtful. They’re presented from different angles, and challenged with different questions.”

Brent Smith  |  Brent Smith Lifestyle


“When I first discovered Positively Present I was in a low place in my life. Hopeful, I subscribed to her website and read through all the articles. Her advice is outstanding and wonderful, and getting e-mails in my inbox with her posts make my day. Her advice is always timely and perfect for every season, and the weekly e-mails are my favorite. I look forward to Fridays when I get the weekly round-up, find new music, read fantastic blog posts and get ideas for new books to read. My life is definitely a more fun and happier place since I started living with Positively Present in my life.

Dani Workman  |  This Workman Life


Dani is a wealth of inspiration. For most people, happiness, love, and moving forward are never really considered a way of life. Thankfully, we have wonderful blogs like Dani’s that remind us to rethink our priorities.” 

Cassandra Guerrier  |  All Women Stalk


“I absolutely love visiting!  Dani has such a rare gift of meeting anyone who comes to her site where they are and providing a safe and comfortable environment to reflect and increase self-awareness.  Her simply eloquent writing style and easily-implementable recommendations always seem to provoke deep thought and insightful self-discovery.  When it comes to the top self-development websites that I would recommend to anyone, easily finds itself on that list.”

Victor Schueller  |  VictorSchueller


“I’ve been reading her blog from the start, in 2009. She’s a blogger on fire! She’s inspiring, authentic, and wise beyond her years. Who doesn’t want to learn from somebody like that?”

Tess Marshall  |  The Bold Life


“Positively Present focuses on living positively in each moment, something that can be so hard, you know? Every time I see a new post from Dani pop up, I know that something good is coming my way.”

Jenn Gibson |  Kind Over Matter


“I found Positively Present when I was searching to fill my life with more creativity and more meaning, and Dani’s insight and honesty are what drew me to follow her blog. If you want an uplifting daily read dashed with humor and fun, you should check out Positively Present.”

Elissa Cain  |  Collective Individualism


“Dani writes amazing and true words about living positively in the moment, and every post she writes seems to come at the exact time I need it.”

Laura Cococcia  |  The Journal of Cultural Conversation


“Positively Present is like a little ray of sunshine in your day. Dani writes from the heart, sharing personal stories and inspiration to help you experience joy in the moment and happiness every day. We need more voices in the world like Dani’s, spreading love, beauty, and positivity!”

Barrie Davenport  |  BarrieDavenport





“Dani is a dream to work with both as an author and a provider of visual content. She is full of fantastic ideas, wonderfully open to creative collaboration and is highly responsive when asked for changes. She also pays great attention to detail and always delivers quality work both on time and on brief. On top of all that, her positive attitude really shines through in everything she does, which makes her a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Kelly Thompson  |  Watkins Publishing


“Dani is the most amazing designer I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a few … plus had training myself. Dani’s skills far exceed those of anyone else I’ve encountered, however. She was able to reach right inside my head and pull out a color scheme, aesthetic and feel that were just me. We completed the work quickly, enabling me to jump into my other creative projects in far less time than I’d budgeted, and I’m so happy with the results! I recommend her work to anyone in search of beautiful, creative branding.”

Sarah Moore  |  New Leaf Writing


“Dani’s [design] work just continues to get better and better. We are always delighted to see students really take off and fly with the foundation our classes give them, and Dani is doing just that.”

Mallory Ullman  |  Nicole’s Classes


“Dani worked with us laying out a guide and worksheets for our training courses.  She was fast and efficient, and even though we could have requested changes we found ourselves completely happy with the initial results. I know we will be working with Dani on our next set of projects.”

Kate Matsudaira  |  Popforms


“Dani helped us maintain brand consistency throughout our marketing materials, including designing templates for all the programs in the Microsoft Office suite. She has also exceeded expectations for one-off projects, such as designing cards and envelopes for our client holiday cards.”

Dani Ames  |  Convergent Wealth Advisors


“This has seriously surpassed all of my expectations. I never thought when we started this that you would create something so unique and perfect for me and what I was envisioning for the blog that will now represent me for years to come. I am so so happy!”

Juliana Willems  |  Peace Love & Fostering