Dani is not only a prolific writer on the her blog, Positively Present, but she’s also the author of a variety of books and e-books, each designed to encourage and inspire readers to live more positively in the present moment.

Some of her most popular works include:


The Positively Present Guide to Life

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present

Every Day Matters Diary / Planner

Effortless Inspiration Series
Forgiveness, Compassion, Living in the Moment, and Gratitude

Loving Yourself Workbook

Finding Yourself Workbook

and more!


In each work, Dani strives to empower readers to embrace positive thinking and illustrates the importance of living in the now.

She strives to take abstract concepts—such as thinking positively and being present—and make them accessible so readers can apply them to real life situations.

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