The Positively Present Guide to Life is an inspirational, two-color book that expands on content from Dani’s website, The book provides specific, action-oriented advice for embracing positive thinking in everyday life to: create a nurturing home, build a fulfilling career, develop great relationships, appreciate true love, and embrace change.

Central to the book’s appeal are 30 practical activities relating to the key themes of home, work, friendship, love, and change, which form the five main chapters in the book. Alongside motivating lists and special features, such as a list of “Positivity Principles” and suggestions of “52 Ways to Live in the Moment,” the activities provide a “positivity program” that can be done in sequence or on a dip-in basis to help readers achieve an all-round more contented, more fulfilled life.

Inspiring visuals throughout the book also highlight key elements for readers to focus on. To purchase a copy, visit:  AMAZON US  |  BARNES & NOBLE  |  AMAZON UK  |  INDIEBOUND

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The book contains 30 practical activities relating to the key themes of home, work, friendship, love, and change.  Many of the activities require grabbing a pen and paper and jotting down ideas, lists, etc. To make this easier for you (and a little more fun too!), below are worksheets you can download and use with the book. (In the book you’ll see mention of these so you’ll know where to use them.) Just click the images below to download each section of worksheets!

Home SheetWork SheetLove-WorksheetsRelationships SheetChange Sheet




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