Every Day Matters is a bestselling illustrated holistic diary created by Dani DiPirro for Watkins Publishing. The planner not only has plenty of space for daily planning, but also offers inspiring advice on how to make each and every day really matter.

Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, it will guide you on a year-long journey of awareness and fulfillment as you go about your everyday activities.

Each monthly theme zeros in on a single word, which becomes the monthly theme and the inspiration behind weekly quotes and activities chosen to inspire reflection and positive transformation.

The monthly themes for 2019 are: Mindfulness, Wonder, Creativity, Vision, Bravery, Positivity, Purpose, Truth, Acceptance, Empowerment, Joyfulness, and Resilience. Focusing on just one theme each month, but looking at the theme in a different way each week allows for each theme to be considered from unique perspectives and encourages positive action to become an integral part of day-to-day life.

Check out a sample of the diary from Dani’s YouTube channel below. Every Day Matters 2019 is available in Desk and Pocket sizes via Amazon and other booksellers.

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