Someone once said, “If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Positively Present is that quote come to life online. The site was created by Dani DiPirro, who, after twenty-five years of living with a negative attitude, decided to turn her life around and start focusing on the positive, choosing to share her experiences with others online.

In 2009, she launched the site, focusing on providing readers with practical advice and personal insights about living positively in the present moment. Since then the personal development site has grown and it continues to impact the lives of people around the world. Working hard to embrace the idea of “living happily ever after now,” Dani uses Positively Present to focus on finding on the positive and embracing the present in her life—and, while doing that, she shares her experiences and real-life wisdom with her readers.

Living a “positively present” life means staying in the moment while focusing on the positive in every situation, which can often be difficult when facing the pressures and challenges of everyday life (not to mention the particularly tough times of loss, stress, or heartache!). Positively Present was created to help Dani and her readers make the most of their moments (even the difficult ones), and the site features insights, inspiration, and personal experiences from Dani to uplift and motivate readers. The website is filled with articles, interviews, and resources for creating a positively present life. On the site, readers will find: tips for being more positive (even when it’s hard!), advice for living in the present moment, insights on how to cope with negativity, resources for creating a positive, present life, and inspiring, uplifting images and illustrations.

The website is updated twice a week with a new article featured on Monday and a weekly round-up of positive quotes, links, music, and resources featured each Friday. The Positively Present archives include over five years of content sorted by category, and Dani also offers some free printable downloads for her readers. To get the most out of the site, it helps to stop by and have a look around, but for a quick look at some of Dani’s most popular posts, check out the list below.


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